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Brow Soap
Brow Soap
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Brow Soap

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Brow Soap Styling Kit

  • Natural ingredients
  • Handmade With Care
  • Sweat and Waterproof

Use the included brush to gather some product, until it becomes quite tacky then coat your brow hairs. Leave for a minute or so then go back and shape. Now reach for your phone and take a selfie !!!

Brows Soap was created to style brushed up eyebrows. Whether you have sparse brows that need a helping hand or you are rocking that bushy look, you can get fluffy brows using Brow Soap.

Eyebrow shaping soap, colorless, odorless, transparent, unlike ordinary soap.

Excellent stereotypes, making your eyebrows three-dimensional, natural and dense.

Developed to create a perfectly groomed brow, Brow Soap is the product that broke the internet in the name of fuller-looking, natural brows. The formula has an instantly thickening effect with extra hold for beautifully styled brows all day long.


Using Methods

Spray some water to the brush, take some soap with your brush, then brush through your brows, flicking upwards and out to create a "featured" look.

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